In 2010, we built a single family home at 620 – 12th Street in Ames. The home was to be sold as a land trust home, a condominium type arrangement, in which the homeowner leases the land, substantially lowering monthly home loan payments. However, no buyer could be found for this model, and so it was sold to an income qualified buyer who purchased both the home and land.

PowerFilm Solar, Inc. provided an active solar panel system which reduces electricity costs for the homeowner by about 20% each year. Excess power is fed back onto the grid and the City of Ames has changed existing rules and regulations to allow for this first-time residential use of active solar in the city of Ames.

The DMACC Career Center and PowerFilm Solar, Inc. were partners in this project and we thank them for their participation in this project.  Many businesses and individuals also contributed substantially to the project and we thank them.